of Space

Space is never empty: at every moment energy moves through it, and each placement within that space, be that feature or person, should be harmonised.

Darren Bester: Creative Director, Space Mill

We are not purely shopfitters…
we prefer to call ourselves 'architects of space'

Our bespoke detailing is designed to evoke a sensory response that morphs the familiar into the iconic, which is what your brand deserves.

The journey starts here …

Underpinning Space Mill's ethos to provide design excellence, we use three creative processes: Concept • Design • Creation. These manifest in the delivery of a holistic spatial, sensory place that gives your brand a personality beyond its logo.

Space Mill delivers the means for your customer to have inspired, sensory experiences, to make your space a destination.


From Space to Place...

We connect and explore, through a collaborative relationship, concepts that define ‘what you want to see’, with what can and should be. Everything you can imagine and beyond.



Breathing life into the project...

Inspired by your concepts, our design team presents a blueprint allowing you to better visualise the layout, detail, activities and engagements within your space.



Tangible transformation of space and energy...

The differentiation point; where what has been imagined becomes a reality; where your customers see and feel the difference of space created or refreshed; the ultimate tangible experience.